Jerusalem features a NIS 22,000,000 Grant for International Film and TV Productions


Jerusalem is set to join the world’s High budget Film and TV productions Cities, as the Government of Israel and Jerusalem Municipality approve a new grant opportunity designed to encourage International Film and TV Series production in Jerusalem.

The initiative is a joint project by the Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Economy, Ministry of Public Diplomacy and Diaspora Affairs, Ministry of Tourism, Jerusalem municipality and The Jerusalem Film & Television Fund.


The Israeli government and Jerusalem municipality will dedicated the budget to the development of Israel’s Film Industry, and to bring the beauty of Jerusalem to millions of screens around the world.

Participants of the grant will include productions that feature the City of Jerusalem. The production companies are required to invest at least NIS 25 million in Israel, and the grant may account for up to 25% of the production expenses in Israel.

This announcement will strengthen the Film and TV industry in Jerusalem and is expected to create new job opportunities and attract new investment to the city. In addition, the branding and advertising that Jerusalem is in place to receive is expected to increase the State and the City’s revenues from sources including: tourism, culture and commerce.

Israel minister of economy, Naftali Bennett says: “There is nothing more important than bringing Israel’s beautiful views and promoting international productions in Jerusalem.”

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