HopOn smart mobile payment and ticketing platform for public transport takes the simplification of ticketing to a new level.

Hopon IsraelIn any city in India or infact in the world, we have all had the experience of catching a bus, subway or train only to find we don’t the right change. An Israeli startup is stepping in and solving this problem by collecting fares automatically.

HopOn, based in Tel Aviv, is a company of 12 people who plan to change the way people use public transport by offering a smart mobile payment and ticketing platform.

In Israel, HopOn has inserted beacons in 2,000 buses and soon at bike stations and other transportation hubs. Some 10,000 users have installed the app, allowing them to hop on a bus or bike without worrying about how to pay.

For bus operators, this means no more collecting fees person by person, freeing up drivers’ hands and minds to focus on the road. For riders, it means no more line-ups to pay, and more freedom to use the services meant to help us move through cities.

The traditionally used hardware off course is expensive, and you have to check in one by one. Plus, you have to obtain the card. Using HopOn, users’ tickets are validated automatically through a smartphone once they get onto their ride –– through the front door or back. No lines necessary.

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In Tel Aviv, the company is working intensively with regulators and with the public bus operator Dan to ensure that customers get a secure and satisfactory experience whether on the bus or through theTel-O-Fun  pay-as-you-go public bike system.

Seeking the Government of India prospective Smart city plans and programs, this is a addition you cannot ignore.

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