There is a great potential for India’s milk exports, but it is still in its infancy and surpluses are occasional.

Excerpts From; Story By: Bidhu Bhushan Palo | @TheDollarBiz


India is the world’s largest producer of milk, but is still taking baby steps when it comes to exports. Currently, India’s milk production stands at around 140 million tonnes, which makes it just self-reliant and allows a small surplus. However, consumption is growing at a steady rate and estimated to touch around 200 million tonnes by 2024.

Akhil Choudhary-TDB-IsraelMeanwhile, much of India’s dairy sector is unorganised and far from the technological advances. In such challenging circumstances, Israel claims that it can help India triple milk production and boost milk exports significantly. In an exclusive interview, Akhil Choudhary, a trade officer for facilitation of Indo-Israel trade in clean-tech sector for Embassy of Israel, New Delhi, speaks to The Dollar Business about the details of this Indo-Israel dairy cooperation.


TDB: Why do you say India’s dairy sector is antiquated?

Akhil Choudhary: To answer that I would like to start with few arguments; India is probably the country with the largest cow population, yet average output of an Indian cow is much lower than that of its Israeli counterpart. In a country where almost all regions are suitable for setting up dairy farming business, dairies are yet to be moderated on newest available technologies.

The real problem is that most of the Indian dairy farmers are raising animals in small-scale traditional methods and are unaware of modern farming methods and improved techniques for dairy farming. As a result, some farmers are losing their investment instead of reaping profits.

There are other problems such as shortage of fodder, poor fodder quality, dismal transport facilities and poor cold chain infrastructure. Therefore, the term antiquated for the entire milk cycle of India is perhaps appropriate.

TDB: India is the world’s largest milk producer (140 million tonnes). Is there scope for further increase in milk production?

Akhil Choudhary: Yes, India is the world’s largest milk producer, but we are talking about improving productivity rather than increasing the heads of bovine population.

We are talking about a three-fold increase in milk production with the same cattle population with better, hygienic and cost-effective processing facilities and you will see Indian dairy industry innovate, profit and convert products into commercially exploitable ideas that will boost exports.

TDB: How can Israel help?

Akhil Choudhary: What Israel is offering is the know-how, latest advances and technologies, which require less capital, less time and minimum operations. We are here to promote sustainable dairy farming which is an integration of many factors. Without this, in my personal opinion, it would be difficult for India to keep pace with the growing demand.

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