The map showing clusters of start-ups in Tel Aviv

Israel has long been known as the “startup nation” thanks to the hundreds of start-ups, with scores more founded every year. Entrepreneur Ben Lang, who returned to Israel from US for his military service has created a website that maps the location of internet and high-tech start-ups.


Mapped in Israel locates on a map of Israel 430 start-ups. A picture may be worth a thousand words, but the Israeli Start-Up Map — a graphic illustration of where Israeli start-ups are located, who runs them, and what they do — is probably worth the several hundred thousands of words you would need to analyze the information this innovative project describes.

The map shows clusters of start-ups in Tel Aviv’s Rothschild Boulevard and Ramat Hahayal, and in Herzliya Pituah, as well isolated companies scattered from Eilat to Nahariya and in West Bank settlements.

The website provides a synopsis of each start-up, its logo, and a link to its homepage. Start-ups can submit requests to be added to the map. The site also lists companies’ help-wanted ads, providing direct links to the relevant pages on the companies’ websites.

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