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Dear Friends and Colleagues,
It’s with utmost pleasure that we invite you to attend agritech 2015.
We all agree that everyone of us is witnessing far-reaching changes in the agriculture industry – due to the influences of nature like that of climatic conditions and amount of natural resources available and or economic influences in the form of developing world’s needs. All these conditions will continue to exert their influence not only on crop production, but also on the increasingly valuable harvest.
This urges us to invest in the post-harvest systems which are quite diverse, depending on place, crops or products and the different stages of activity involved. In agritech 2015 – we wish to create in our own humble way a platform to present some of the post harvest methods and processes.
We plan to do it first by expanding the exhibitors profile to Post Harvest and Food Processing (first stage). Second by our conference program which will be on Post Harvest and Food Security – chaired by Prof. Eli Fallik with international keynotes and workshops. Further, we will also create an avenue to see what’s next in agriculture at the “Innovation Pavilion” and Agrivest – Investors Conference.
We are aware that the exhibitions will not be successful if we don’t have proper platform to network and do business. We are putting enormous efforts in our B2B networking engine to assist you in arranging one on one meetings and our offices are working closely to bring the relevant foreign delegations. You are familiar with agritech as one of the most respectable events in the world of agriculture. We intend not only to keep this reputation but to strengthen it further.

We are arranging Delegation from India with following Agenda:

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