Water-Gen, an Israeli company which pioneered in air-to-water technology and is a leader in water purification solutions, is in talks with Blue Star eyeing a possible tie-up for its entry into India.


Water-Gen looking forward to bring to India, their technological prowess in atmospheric water generation, portable battery-operated water purification system, and water treatment of air conditioner run-off waste.

Investment opportunities
After receiving an open invitation from the Government of Gujarat for building future opportunities, Water-Gen is ready to go forward with investment plans in Gujarat as there is a vibrant industrial climate with the presence of lots of partner companies.
Water-Gen has developed technology to meet a basic and universal need: Making water available everywhere at a reasonable price.


Water-Gen Ltd. develops technology-based solutions in two fields:
1. Water supply for military and civilian applications
2. Air management technologies for home and industrial applications

Water Supply Solutions

Tactical water supply units for military theaters of operation, as for example in forward operating bases, combat vehicles, and infantry units.
Civilian installation for isolated industrial operations (mining facilities, oil and gas drilling operations) and for isolated farms and villages.

Air Management Solutions
Unique technology for highly efficient air drying and dehumidification applications (dehumidifiers, air conditioners, laundry dryers, and more).

Water-Gen has been recognised globally for its innovations. Fast Company magazine has ranked it among the world’s Most Innovative Companies for 2014, along with Google, Apple, Twitter, etc. Frost and Sullivan acknowledged its contributions with the European Technology Innovation Leadership Award for 2014.


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