Global leader in irrigation marks its 50th anniversary developing drip and micro-irrigation solutions to shape and advance agriculture. 

Netafim, the global leader in irrigation, has been chosen to participate in a $60 million project in India. The company is also marking its 50th anniversary throughout 2015 under the theme “50 Years of Shaping the Future.”

Through its Indian subsidiary, Netafim JV, the company will take part in the world’s largest integrated micro-irrigation project in the country. The value of the deal for Netafim JV is $60 million, which covers nearly 30,000 acres of farmland and about 6,700 farmers located in the South Indian state of Karnataka. The farmers are mostly smallholders from 22 villages, and the project will improve their productivity and livelihood, while saving about 50 percent in water.

The drip irrigation pioneer and market leader since its founding in 1965, Netafim develops innovative irrigation solutions that have helped farmers worldwide grow more with less for 50 years.

“We’re excited to be participating in the Ramthal project, which sets a new standard for integrated micro-irrigation by improving water use efficiency for smallholders,” said Ran Maidan, Netafim CEO. “We’ve been leading the way in drip irrigation for 50 years, and by working on significant breakthrough projects like this, we will continue to provide solutions that make a change, and shape the future of agriculture and the world at large.”