David Ashkenazy, the Business & Development Head of ARGOS (Agri Projects) Ltd of Israel in India was invited to offer a Development Project in the State of Meghalaya in the Northeast of India after the state governments Horticulture Department saw the success of ARGOS’s 7 years Citrus Development Project in the state of Mizoram.

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Pictures (left to right), Sowing of first Seeds on the 3rd of March 2015 and the first sprouts three weeks later.


Sprouting of first seeds within 3 weeks:
ARGOS offered to set up an advanced Repository/Scion Bank for mother plants (first of its kind in Meghalaya & 3rd in the North east & East of India), along with a hi tech Nursery being the most important of infrastructures necessary for the research & Development of Citrus in order to improve the variety of Citrus (Khasi Mandarin) in the state & to help gradually phase out the old trees and offer quality growing material free from pathogens for the farmers of the state.  

In order to offer a feasible & practical infrastructure, ARGOS had installed its very own (2684 sq. m) All – in – one Greenhouse at Horti – Hub, Umsning, Meghalaya, which includes:
•    1166 sq. m Scion Bank for 492 Healthy Mother plants 
•    1166 sq. m Nursery for healthy seedlings (annual yield – 24500+)
•    352 sq. m workspace/warehouse/field office
•    Visits of ARGOS’s citrus expert for training and supervision of new growing methods and practices in the Greenhouse nursery & Scion bank.

It is a complete ready to install package with all necessary components for the project and also a computerized system for control throughout the entire structure.

For more information:
David Ashkenazy
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