As you know, security in Israel is not just an occupation or a business – it is a way of life. For decades severe security threats have placed Israeli citizens in the face of grave danger. These threats continue, and we must always work to protect our citizens through the development of technology and improved technique. Recent events such as the suicide attack on the Volgograd train station in Russia or the terrorist bombing at the Boston Marathon in the United States only heighten our vigilance. In fact, long before even 9/11, it was a national Israeli mission to develop and implement the most advanced systems to enhance people’s security.
Taj Palace 1Physical attacks like these kill people, destroy property and sometimes disrupt business or government. But today we are faced with a new front: the threat of attacks on our computers and automated systems. Such cyber-attacks can cause huge systems to collapse, can be responsible for massive data theft, potentially leading to great loss of life, and unlimited civil, business and government disruption. In the United States, NASA, Sandia National Laboratories, the Redstone Arsenal and multinational companies such as Lockheed Martin have been targeted. The computer systems of banks around the world have been breached.
Taj Palace 2Israeli government bodies and private industry work closely to answer the demands set by our terror and cyber-security advisors. We have rigorous security policies and procedures with sophisticated technologies in place at our air and sea ports and at our border crossings. These are also deployed at major public venues and events. They protect strategic infrastructure – including our new offshore gas installations – and they help secure Israeli civil aviation. They also extend to residential and commercial areas, pioneering the unique Israeli Safe City concept.
We are proud of our security know-how and our security technologies. We convey our thanks for all the participants in the recently hosted Israeli delegation in the domain of Homeland Security to help advance the Indo Israel partnerships in both the private and public sectors that will help protect people and their property, and the structures and systems we all depend on.
We hope the meet will lead to many shared ventures and that in time will bear fruit for all.

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