In December 2009, world leaders met in Copenhagen Climate Conference, trying to agree on cutting greenhouse gas emissions for decades to come, but without success. six years have passed, and in December 2015 leaders is going to sit again – this time in Paris, and it seems that this time they are chances to achieve a historic accord in this context. For now, 36 countries including Israel, have committed to adopt the Convention to reduce greenhouse gases in their respective countries by limiting the use of conventional energy sources and progressing towards clean and sustainable energy resources.

It is no secret that green energy field in recent years has advanced to whole new level, seeing investments more lucrative and worthwhile whether because of new technologies, significantly discounted prices or increasing awareness around the world that if the issue is not dealt as soon as possible – the results will be disastrous.

In recent years many Israeli companies have developed, innovative technologies and smart solutions in harnessing Solar Energy and are quite known for their strength in international markets. One of them is a Tammuz energy having a unique system for providing heat energy to industry through innovative solar collectors. Process heat on an average is 66% of the total energy consumption of the industrial market worldwide. For now, this enormous amount of energy for the purpose of drying, pasteurization, cleaning, refining and other processes in many different industries is produced today using expensive and polluting fuels like oil and natural gas.

Taking in account total industrial spends on energy costs – average expenditures gospel third place. Also considering that many industrial areas do not have an open place for installing collectors therefore solar solutions that can fit in must be cheap, smart, simple to install and easy to plug. The Israeli company Tammuz energy in solution to this riddle has developed smart and cheap receptors, with innovative technology for absorption and efficient and streamline transfer of heat. The receptors are designed to follow solar radiation.


Installation of the system is very simple but capable to provide the desired temperature and pressure. The system can be mounted on roofs and connections can be made with industries existing system. Another innovation came from Sol View, an Israeli software company which is complementing the efforts of big solar companies which installs large industrial and solar home systems, with most accurate locations for installing modules and solar systems on rooftops through analysis of satellite images from Google and Microsoft.

Another Israeli development in the field of green energy is in bio-diesel area. Bio- diesel is a type of biofuel, produced from vegetable oils or animal fats and can be used as a partial or even full replacement of diesel. The advantage of bio-diesel is that it can be produced from vegetable oils such as soybean, canola, corn, etc., and recycled cooking oil. According to recent data, the total market value of diesel in the US is estimated at $ 50 billion per year. In the East Asian countries the market was estimated even higher and is constantly rising.

The problem in biodiesel production is the existing system which is considered complicated and difficult for implementation with emission of pollutants into the environment. A solution to this problem is provide by an Israeli company Trans- biodiesel. It has developed a new environmentally friendly technology for biodiesel production. Their technology achieves significant reduction in the costs of infrastructure by almost 50%, significant reduction in the production process and energy consumption, without compromising high quality deliverable s.

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