Today, India is ‘The Oyster’ of the global dairy industry. It offers opportunities galore to entrepreneurs worldwide, who wish to capitalize on one of the world’s largest and fastest growing markets for milk and milk products.

Market size for milk (sold in loose/ packaged form) is estimated to be 36mn MT valued at Rs 470bn. The market is currently growing at round 4% pa in volume terms. In the early 80’s, plastic pouches replaced the bottles. Today also though Tetra pak exist but plastic pouches which still dominates the market made transportation and storage very convenient, besides reducing costs. Milk packed in plastic pouches/bottles have a shelf life of just 1-2 days , that too only if refrigerated.

But What if there exist a technology; A production equipment that can increases the shelf life of dairy (fresh milk/ juice) by up to 200% And What if this revolutionary technology can be added to upgrade existing production lines without even needing a new setup.


Interested; Yes digging deeper, as you know, as soon as product leaves pasteurization process in any dairy plant, it is very sterile.  In theory, if it stayed like that, the product would never go bad.  However, most processes have certain points where bacteria enters the product line. For example, One point that people dont realize is that storage tanks require air vents to protect the tank structure from pressure changes.  This vent allows the ingress of outside air that introduces ambient bacteria into the product.

While simple filtration seems like it could prevent bacteria from passing through these vents, this is not feasible because air flow would not be high enough to protect the integrity of the tank.  However, we have found  sensor controlled forced induction filters to be a solution that only allows sterile air into the tank.

This is exactly the spot where the Israeli company Fischer Consulting introduced their innovative product line Sterivent 500 to close the entire loop preventing not only contamination but achieving an increased shelf life of up to 200% by using this system.

Brief explanation about system:
The SteriVent500 system is designed to be installed on product tanks where you want to maintain a clean environment (Like in Clean room in the Pharmaceutical industry or surgery room at hospitals). For example sterile product after pasteurization (Milk, Beverage etc) is being transfer to a buffer tank before a filling machine, to storage or to a process tank (for example incubation tank for yoghurt). Because the tank  is  ventilated, airborne contaminants (for example yeast and molds) from the surrounding area entering the tank and contaminating the product. This lead to reduce in product shelf life.

The installation of SteriVent500 on top of the tank (one filter can serve more than one tank) will produce an over pressure blanket of sterile air which will prevent airborne contaminants to enter the tank and  contaminating the product. This will increase the product shelf life. For this Solution they have won the first prize in international expositions of the dairy industry, which took place in Europe and USA.
These “Ultra – Clean Solutions” are currently being used as a standard by clients such as “Tetra Pak”, “GEA” and “Krones c.t.r”, and are also installed in the most advanced dairies across Europe.

According to the company their philosophy is very simple, if we can assure that the product will be under controlled environment from point of pasteurization until the package, we can guarantee maximum shelf live.

For example Milk Pouches Shelf Life can be improved by implementing Fischer Planning Ultra Clean Technology in the following areas:
•       Raw Milk & Pasteurized Milk Silos Area.
•       Standardization Milk Storage Tanks Area.
•       Milk Pouch Filling Machine Area.

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