ASUS may be best known as the maker of laptops and phones, but on Monday it unveiled a fairly low-cost robot that can help with heath care and controlling the smart home. Developed entirely in Intel’s Israeli center, the robot uses the Intel’s RealSense R200 longer range peripheral 3D camera, perfect for sensing the environment   . The robot looks like a cross between ET and Star Wars BB-8.

The Zenbo robot, will be able to understand spoken commands and roll around on its own. It’s supposed to help remind people of things like their doctor’s appointments and medication and exercise schedules, while also keeping a virtual eye out for emergencies.

Zenbo is a home robot designed to provide assistance, entertainment, and companionship to families. It will compete with products like Google’s newly launched Google Home assistant, Amazon’s Echo which is powered by the smart assistant Alexa, except that unlike the other two this one can move around the house.

The team of Israelis under the guidance of Mr. Yishai Frankel, Vice President – Software Development with Intel, worked for many months in creating this Robot. The significant part of the software is developed in Israel, which makes the advanced functionality. The robot has ability to recognise face, voice, objects, obstacles on the path, if something is wrong it sends an alert and activates camera.

The intense involvement of Israeli team in the area of artificial intelligence is very enriching and encouraging also it gives us a sense of pride, it is a step ahead of what others are doing.

Priced at $ 599 it cannot come any cheaper than this.

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