Announcing the new JGV fund which would focus on growth and pre- growth leaders in huge categories such as AR, big data IOT Cyber, etc., we invite Indian Investors to be part of starting up with the start-up nation.

With a track record of over 20 years of investing in category leaders, such as Galileo, SAIFUN, Creo, Mellanox, QXL, Willocity,, Moovit, Lumus, among others, and with excellent IRR for Jerusalem Global Ventures, we believe the most exciting opportunities are ahead of us, as Israel is positioning itself as a challenger to Silicon Valley. The new fund is a $150M, with a minimum commitment of $5M, spread over five years.  We are looking for investors with strategic value particularly from India. Growth fund means lower risk and quicker returns, as opposed to late stage funds.

A brief presentation follows as:










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For More Information, Please contact:

Akhil Choudhary

Trade Officer, Water & Agriculture