Israel is considered to be one of the most innovative nations and often described as the ‘Start-up Nation’ of the world. The Israeli business atmosphere encourages innovation and creativity. This is true for many sectors, including agriculture. Israeli agriculture holds a number of productivity records and is famous for its agricultural achievements and efficient use of scarce resources of land, water and labor. Israeli farmers and agri-businessmen are known for being early and fast adapters to new technologies. Innovation and entrepreneurship at all stages of the agricultural value chain have been keys to the success of Israeli agriculture.

In this regard, the 1ST INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON OPPORTUNITIES IN THE MAHARASHTRIAN AGRICULTURE FOR STUDENTS AND RESEARCHERS BASED ON THE ISRAELI EXPERIENCE OF INNOVATION AND ENTREPRENEURSHIP IN AGRICULTURE is being held on the 30th of November 2016 at Vishnudas Bhave Natya Mandir in Sangli, Maharashtra. The seminar is being organized by Belgave Education Pvt Ltd, Sangli in association with AGRIQUALITY, Israel.

About the Seminar:

Indian farmers face unprecedented challenges like unpredictable weather, non-availability of good quality seeds and fertilizers and unreliable avenues to sell their crops after the harvest.  Thus, there is a large scope to implement modern technology to solve these inherent problems. Generating revenue in the agricultural sector requires knowledge in agricultural practices coupled with experience in developing business. This can be made possible by educating each level of the value chain coupled with gaining knowledge from countries managing their natural resources very rationally while resolving the problems very successfully.

The main reason behind arranging the Conference is to give a platform to Indian youth to motivate and learn from Israel’s innovation. Having always considered Israel as a country with its desert being a barrier to making progress in agriculture, Israelis have proven that it is not the amount of water that matters but more importantly the usage of it.

Israel Agriculture Educational Visit 2017:

Following-up on the Conference, there are 2 delegations organized by the Belgave Education Pvt Ltd, Sangli in January 2017, of which one is exclusively for students while the other is a farmer’s study visit. The visits will mainly focus on visit to Agriculture Universities in Israel, visits to farms, different innovative projects in Israel and co-operative farms, visit to Israel’s biggest agri-exhibition, visit to modern dairy farm and Agricultural R & D centers.

For more information please find below some useful links:

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  3. or you can also log on to the AgriQuality Facebook page.