The 4th International HLS & Cyber Conference recently concluded in Tel Aviv on 17th November 2016 had the participation of many Israeli Homeland Security and Cyber companies. The delegation from South India comprised of both; officials from the government police department of Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh and private companies such as Bangalore International Airport Limited, Emjay Engineering (P) Ltd, GMR Ltd .and Larsen & Toubro.

Mr. Sundaram from the Trade Department has accompanied the delegation in their visit to Israel.


On the first day the guests were treated for a gala dinner, this was in the Port Hangar 11 the transportation was arranged for the guests. The inaugural of the conference was on 15th November 2016 with prominent speakers like Lt. Gen. Shaul Mofaz Former Minister of Defense, Ramzi Gabbay Chairman, Israel Export Institute, and Gilad Erdan Minister of Public Security, Minister of Strategic Affairs of Israel. Mr. Roni Alsheich, Israel Police Commissioner were present. The speakers spoke about what are the real time threats faced by Israel and why it is necessary for an international alliance to curb the threats.


At the convention hall, the delegation showed particular interest in companies such as Apolloshield, RT, Briefcam, Cellbrite, Kela, and few more. The delegates were shown the live demonstration of certain products. The Police delegation were given special attention, the second day was similair one to one meetings with more companies. Some of the officials were taken by the company to their premises for more demonstrations.


The Karnataka Police delegates were interested in training companies and had extensive interaction with RDeye and HackerU. Ministry of Defence had exclusively arranged a visit to the Jerusalem Command & Control Center for the Police delegation. The delegation had an interactive meeting with the Command center officials about the types of cameras they use in the old city of Jerusalem. It has to be noted here, and we are given to understand that in one sq. km of the Jerusalem old city there are 360 cameras monitoring. The types the command center use, are dynamic cameras, video motion detectors and thermal imaging. The delegation was also shown a real time video capture of a suspected miscreant on the prowl. The entire Jerusalem Command & Control center visit was well received by the delegates. Rest of the day, the delegates were taken for the old city tour.

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