ISRAEL21c is proud to announce a new agreement with leading equity crowdfunding platform, OurCrowd, which is to become a sponsor of our Technology channel.

Join OurCrowd on February 16, 2017 in Jerusalem, for the biggest equity crowdfunding event in the world, and the biggest investor event in the Startup Nation.

  • Discover the cutting-edge companies creating technologies changing the world right now
  • Interact with the entrepreneurs, innovators, and global industry leaders behind the tech
  • Learn from venture capital professionals evolving the face of investing
  • Meet peers from the largest collaborative venture capital community in the world

Last year’s Summit was a phenomenon, as thousands of investors, innovators, and industry leaders from all over the world gathered to hear from expert industry speakers and participate in interactive programming featuring cutting-edge technologies and the future of crowd investing.

This year, you’ll also discover how companies are leveraging the collective intelligence and connections of the crowd to super-charge their businesses. And get hands-on experience by participating in on-site real-time synergizing and the popular Crowd Investing Hackathon.

Registrations are coming in at twice the rate of last year – so reserve your place now! Join us in welcoming the future into our lives, across industries and sectors.

More Info and Reserve a Spot
Note: OurCrowd investors are guaranteed attendance, others must apply.

About OurCrowd
OurCrowd is the world leader in equity crowdfunding. A team of investment professionals vets and selects opportunities, invests its own capital, and leverages a community of over 15,000 accredited investors to fund, support, and grow global technology startups.