Everyone is at risk and every organisation, individual and nation at some point can be the victim of a cyber attack. What can we do to protect ourselves? What can organisations do legally and practically, in an effective and cost-efficient manner, to shield themselves from cyber-attacks and seek redress?

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Unauthorised access to an organisation’s systems and data can cause irreparable damage to its business, its reputation and its value. The scope and severity of the impact of a cyber-attack will depend on the nature of the attack and the organisation’s ability to react and minimise its effect.

A few examples of cyber-attacks are:

  1. Distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks: where hackers saturate an organisation, such as a bank, with so many external electronic communications that the organisation cannot respond to legitimate requests and conduct its business effectively.
  2. Phishing: where hackers send emails to organisations or specific individuals – spear phishing – that purport to come from a trusted source but which contain viruses or malware installed on a victim’s computer and compromises security.
  3. SQL injection: where sensitive information is retrieved from databases by malicious code, which can be also be used to penetrate wider networks – SQL is structured query language, a software protocol for processing data.
  4. Trojan horses, malware and viruses: which give hackers control over computers and stored data after the user clicks on an email attachment or link or visits a compromised website.

As soon as an organisation is aware it has been the subject of a cyber-attack, it should act quickly and effectively, putting into action its risk management plan. Its ability to do this efficiently will depend on whether it has a robust cyber-security risk management plan in place that has anticipated the nature and effect of the attack.

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