Throughout the last decade, Israel has accumulated great experiences and best practices in the agricultural sector. Specifically within the areas of high yield water efficient crops, value chain upgrading, innovative technologies and management tools that maximize social and economic benefits of agricultural production. Especially relevant to India is the use of drip irrigation, computerized irrigation systems, controlled climate production and development of high yield plant verities. Additionally Israeli implements innovative procedures for packing and shipping fresh agricultural produce. This enables a solid export market that consists some 62% of the total agricultural export of Israel.

Moreover, Israeli agricultural sector has greatly developed solid business modules where farmers, cooperatives and villages manifest a combined business and agricultural management system. For example, many Israeli kibbutzim jointly developed food-processing industry, alongside commerce and tourism; this maximizes surpluses of agricultural production and induces economic development.

With this mandate a professional tour for the leading Financial institutions (Public and Private sector Banks) led by NABCONS was organized in the first week of February to facilitate participants with applicable knowledge of Value chain upgrading: Packing, marketing, distributing and exporting with special attention to fruits and other similar agricultural activities. Apart from that visits were made to Greenhouse and plant nursery operated by Israeli companies and Agripreuners; Micro-irrigation systems and equipment;Horticulture; Aquaculture; Post-harvest processing and Dairy.

Business Round table and Seminar with ASHRA and Federation of Israeli Chambers of Commerce (FICC) where dialogues on Integrated agribusiness Development initiatives and Financing Advanced Agriculture in India were discussed in length along with presentations by leading Israeli companies in this domain.




Indian Agricultural sector which is currently thriving for major structural transformations continues to accommodate the major share of the workforce. The sector is prone to output fluctuations even after establishing better input facilities and technology like irrigation, High yielding seeds, changes in cropping pattern etc. With lots of similarities in multiple aspects Israel excellence in Agro technology is already proving and will continue to prove as a suitable match to improve on/ off farm productivity and global competitiveness.

Working under Financial heads of their respective public and private sector banks, the visiting delegates has been working in grounding projects and models in Animal Husbandry; Biotechnology; Farm Mechanization; Fisheries; Food Processing; Plantation and Horticulture; Post Harvest Storage in India. All the financial institution along with NABCONS which is part of the visiting group are excellent organizations highly relevant for any extension of governmental or corporate operations in Agriculture farm to form chain with linkages from top to bottom. The delegation comprising of NABCONS & other banking officials at various levels ensures the interest in getting exposed to Israel innovations in Agriculture sector and bringing it to Indian soils.

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Akhil Choudhary

Trade Officer, Water & Agriculture