A Wow factor with a built in exceptional user experience: practical, adaptable and easy to use jumping pourer.

Jump n’ Pour specializes in development and implementation of innovative flow solutions. Jump n’​ Pour create unique pouring solutions that transforms the pouring experience and strengthens your brand. The Pop-up Pourer springs from the bottle as soon as the cap is removed to reveal a professional-style pourer that delivers a clean, drip-free pour. When the cap is screwed back onto the bottle, the pop-up pourer retracts to seal in freshness.

Their unique poring solution provides:

• Brand recognition

• Unique and favorable user experience

• Flow control

• Clean and hygienic use

All this with no impact on your existing bottling process or filling machine and while adapting our pouring solution to any cap size. The Israeli company have over 40 years of experience in design and production of plastic products, and Jump n’ Pour was launched on late 2008. Jump n’ Pour manufactures its products in 4 manufacturing sites and markets its pouring solutions to customers in all 5 continents.

For more details, Feel Free to be in touch with:

Akhil Choudhary

Trade Officer

Email: Akhil.Choudhary@israeltrade.gov.il