The contemporaneous defense technologies developed by Israel are by far the best in the world and sort by many nations around the world.

When your country is constantly threatened by, external hostile, forces you need to have an advanced defense mechanism to protect your motherland.  The advanced system, which Israel has been developing, is a major part of the multi-layered defense array that it has designed to protect itself against a wide range of threats.

The helmet, an item that is custom-built for each Israeli Air Force pilot, includes a camera to record missions for later debriefings and a tiny projector that can display mapping and flight data information on the right side of the headpiece’s black visor.


Outside the city of Ashkelon, located just north of Gaza, Israel Defense Forces placed one of the missile batteries for the Iron Dome developed by Israel-based Rafael Advanced Defense Systems, is a rapid-response battery created to blow up short-range rockets fired while they are still in the sky.


Likewise, there are many more technologies available with Israel – To witness this you need to visit ISDEF, a leading homeland security and defense trade show in Israel.  This event has catered to the needs of the military, police, special forces, security agencies and emergency responders since 2007. ISDEF is a rare opportunity to meet and mingle with high ranking technical and field officers from the IDF.

This year ISDEF is happening between 6th June and 8th June 2017.

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