State of Israel

Ministry of Transport And Road Safety

Economics and Planning

Tender Number 11/1 – Feasibility Study for an Offshore Facility  for an Airport and Other Uses in Israel

Invitation for Pre-Qualification

The Tender Committee in the Ministry of Transport and Road Safety (MOT) of Israel invites interested parties to participate in the prequalification stage of a tender for the procurement of consulting and planning services for a feasibility study of establishing an artificial island off the Mediterranean seashore of Israel with an airport and other superstructures for other uses (hereinafter – “the Services”).

The Services are to include a feasibility study of establishing an offshore facility for an airport and other uses and a recommendation for up to three alternatives for the offshore facility according to geographical location, construction methods and different potential levels of demand and supply. The feasibility study will address, inter alia, economic, engineering, transport, environmental, geographical, aviation and maritime aspects. If the MOT decides to proceed with the statutory planning of the project on the basis of the feasibility study findings, the consultant will be required to prepare the planning documents and submit them for approval to the relevant statutory body at the national level.

  1. The selection process

The tender is a two-stage process: this pre-qualification stage followed by the tender selection stage. Only participants demonstrating compliance with the pre-qualification requirements will be eligible for the tender selection stage.

  1. Pre-qualification requirements

The prequalification requirements include the following conditions (detailed prequalification requirements and demonstration of compliance are stated in the invitation for pre-qualification document (hereinafter – “the PQ document”)):

  • Professional experience of the participant

Experience of the participant, its holding members or its associated subcontractors, in the planning of an offshore airport or experience in the planning of its substantial elements – a major international airport and a major offshore facility, all as detailed in clause 5.1 of the PQ document.

  • Team experience

A senior team manager and a statutory planning expert, each with at least 10 years’ experience, all as detailed in clause 5.2 of the PQ document.

  • Financial pre-qualification requirements

Demonstration of financial robustness on the basis of revenue, cash flow and a going concern assumption all as detailed in clause 5.3 of the PQ document.

  • Other requirements

The pre-qualification documents also include a requirement for other relevant certificates and documents.

  1. The PQ document and its updates can be reviewed, without charge, starting from 11th May 2017 on the Government Procurement Administration website and on the MOT website
  2. Requests for clarification can be addressed to using the relevant form from the pre-qualification form annex attached to the PQ document, no later than 1st June 2017.
  3. Prequalification Submission

The prequalification submission is to be put in an envelope addressed to The Tender Committee, Ministry of Transport and Road Safety, 5 Bank Israel St., Jerusalem, and placed in the Tender Committee box at that address no later than 12:00 noon 9nd July 2017. On the envelope please note “Tender Number 11/17 – Feasibility Study for an Offshore Facility for an Airport and Other Uses in Israel”. A pre-qualification submission that will not be placed in the Tender Committee box by the stated time will not be accepted.

  1. This announcement contains only general and initial information. Full requirements and other obligatory information are detailed in the PQ document. The Tender Committee reserves the right to cancel or to change the pre-qualification requirements and dates, as stated in the PQ document.
  2. In any case of discrepancies between this announcement and the PQ document, the PQ document prevail.