If, as many believe, Adam and Eve were deposited in the Land of Israel when they got booted out of the Garden of Eden — and Eve was cursed with the pain of childbearing — then it would appropriate if the Land of Israel were the place where that pain was finally conquered.

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The product developed by iPulse Medical Ltd, Israel is a revolutionary product to reduce menstrual pain in girls and women & is 1st of its kind developed in the world which has been tested and is CE approved.

The product will substantially reduce the intake of pain killers which are known to cause damage to kidneys, interferes with ovulation and causes reproductive fertility problems. Several international articles are available on same. Wearable Technology Valley has been appointed as their exclusive Indian distribution partner.

The product carries a warranty of 2 years. The price to sell in India is USD 149 or Rs.9,995.00 inclusive of all taxes.

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