Yaron Aizenbud, COO, ANAGOG visited few important big companies as well as few promising start-ups in IAMAI-Mobile10X Bangalore Hub to explore more about startup ecosystem of India. He also interacted with startups like highway delite, Zoyo Parking , Fastah by Blackbuck Computing, myofficecab.in and discussed the possibilities of working in synergy with these startups.

IAMAI-Mobile10X -The smartphone boom has paved the way for a mobile revolution and as of now, India is home to 350 million internet users out of which 160 million users access it on a mobile phone. This number is expected to shoot up to 700 million by 2020. However, despite being home to 3 million software developers, only 1% of Indian mobile apps feature in the top 1000 Global Apps and none in the top 100.  Towards the twilight of 2018, India will be home to 4 million software developers. With a vision of tapping the potential and providing an effective launch pad for the app developers, IAMAI has launched the ‘Mobile 10X’ initiative. Backed by the IAMAI.

Anagog turns real-life movements into real-world contextual actions, help apps developers to enhance the value of contextual services for applications, and binding the sensors with the power of the crowd to enable the world’s largest, real-time data analytics. Analysing existing multiple sensors’ signals in smartphones, Anagog knows to capture, analyse and understand real-time mobility status and location information of smartphone users, making it easy to identify consumer behaviour and competitive trends.   Embedded into millions of app users’ smartphones worldwide, app developers can deliver optimal mobile app experience, more adequate services and higher user engagement for their end users – with only around 1% battery consumption for a full day operation. Their offerings are relevant for following subsector.

IoT : 
IoT Enablement, Development & Device management; Smart Home; Smart city and HLS:  IoT Data management & analysis; Automotive and transportation; Retail & Commerce

VAS & Services:
Big Data; Commerce, retail and Mobile Advertising; Mobile Applications

Development platforms and tool kits

Israeli companies excel in providing cutting edge technologies and enhance R&D services are visiting India for business opportunities either for joint venture and in look out for distributors for their technology.  Companies in India can benefit from the advanced Israel technology.

Relevant companies, interested to learn more on potential collaboration are invited to contact the Economic and Trade Department at the Israeli Consulate General in Bengaluru.

For further queries, contact: Kavitha Saravanan, Trade Officer in Bengaluru. Ph:+91-80-49406515. kavithas@israeltrade.gov.il