In warfare, securing the perimeter has proven vital to military forces. From sharpened pikes in medieval times to more modern technological solutions, armed forces have always sought to prevent their enemies from breaching their front lines. Perimeter security is designed with the primary purpose to either keep intruders out or captives contained within the area the boundary surrounds. Both natural and man made barriers can serve as perimeter security.

Perimeter Security

Beginning with the advent of electronic sensors, the concept of perimeter security evolved rapidly to include more modern, technological solutions, secure wireless communications, lightweight weaponry; faster transport and portable perimeter protection such as compact surveillance radars have all become vital to the success of such missions.

Israel holds innovative technologies to secure a safer perimeters be it International borders or the important industrial perimeters. Magal S3 is one such company specialising in securing safer borders, The core capability of Magal is PIDS technology (Perimeter Intrusion Detection System); the company is focused on delivering full security solutions for critical sites like seaports, airports, Utilities, oil & gas facilities, industrial sites, prison.

Magal S3 Products

Magal S3

Perimeter Intrusion Detection System

All PIDS products are designed to perform in the most challenging environmental conditions: wind, snow, rain, extreme temperatures, salt, intensive RFI / EMI and traffic vibrations.

Physical Security Information Management (PSIM)

FORTIS4G is a cutting edge information management system built to manage routine business, abnormal, emergency and crisis situations.

CCTV Solutions

Magal delivers comprehensive video solutions based on COTS (Commercial Off-The-Shelf) products, such as cameras and communication networks, as well as Magal’s home grown products and systems.

Cyber Security

The Magal’s cyber solution complements the physical security Cyber events are routed to the SOC (Security Operation Center) and managed by a dedicated SIEM (Security Information Event Management) or by Fortis4G.

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