Worldwide, 387 million people suffer from diabetes (WHO, 2015). Of these, 153 million people are treated with insulin injections, causing high medical costs, e.g. $14.4 billion in U.S. medical costs and lost income each year.

To provide an effective treatment for diabetes, Betalin Therapeutics (‘Betalin’) is developing the Micro Pancreas, a breakthrough technology that will enable implanting pancreatic cells which include insulin-producing cells (i.e. beta cells) to restore the body’s intrinsic insulin generation capabilities.

Betalin’s Technology: The Micro Pancreas

Betalin’s patented Micro Pancreas is based on the combination of two existing medical procedures (already in human use): (i) Edmonton Protocol, which refers to islet implantation; and (ii) producing micro-scaffolds from biological tissue. Islets are seeded onto the micro-scaffolds, creating a micro-organ having the endocrine functionalities of a pancreas. This miniature organ is implanted in the patients’ body in a simple and minimally invasive procedure. Then, the implanted micro-organ has the capacity to secret insulin in an intrinsic, regulated manner in response to a patient’s blood glucose levels. See video.

Initial Focus: Severe Type-1 Diabetes

Betalin’s strategy is to begin with finding a solution for the most severe and unstable cases of type-1 diabetes. The objective is to release patients with uncontrolled, unbalanced type-1 diabetes from the dependency on insulin injections. This focus is critical for demonstrating the technology’s potential and for the exit strategy.

Exit Strategy

After achieving the milestone of initiating a phase I human clinical study (by receiving the IND approval from the FDA to begin human trials), Betalin is planning to start carrying out one of the following possible exits:

  • IPO (Initial Public Offering) – Executing the IPO on the Nasdaq or the NYSE (New York Stock Exchange).
  • M&A (Mergers and Acquisitions) – Selling the whole company in a cash, equity or a mix of cash and equity deal to a pharma company.
  • License – Licensing the Micro Pancreas to a strategic partner, which will pay an upfront sum, milestone payments and royalties.

Investment Sought

After successfully securing $2.5 million from private investors and the Israeli OCS (Office of Chief Scientist), Betalin is seeking an additional $3 million in order to reach a milestone of initiating a phase I human clinical study. Betalin expects that it will continue to receive non-diluting R&D grants.

Nano Textile

Nano Textile is a start-up company, pioneering an innovative Sono-Chemical coating technology through R&D and commercialization of high-performance coating applications.

Established in 2015

  • Company Headquarters in Ramat-Gan, Israel with 5 staff members
  • Technology developed by Bar IlanUniversity, Israel
  • 3 granted patents in the US, EU and Israel and provisional patents in additional strategic markets
  • Nano Textile acquired the license to commercialize the patent after a completion of a very successful 4 year R&D phase
  • R&D phase was funded with 12m EURO by the European Commission’s FP7

Technology Overview

Sono-Chemical coating utilizes a physical phenomenon called cavitation. Our technology allows us to artificially, and in a controlled manner, create cavitation, and use this cavitation to embed desired materials on to chosen surfaces, such as fabrics.

A clinical study was conducted at the Burns Clinique of PirogovHospital in Sofia, Bulgaria. Results has shown that SonoAnti Bacterial textiles demonstrated anti bacterial effect: lower level of contamination, better microbiology characteristics and had been comparatively safe: no major toxic or serious adverse events had been reported.

Potential Markets

Healthcare: Scrubs, Linens, towels, patient gowns, surgical gowns, etc

Apparel: Active wear, Under Wear, Babies, Outdoor

Upholstery Fabrics: Transportation,  Public areas

Hospitality: Towels, Linens, Drapes

Professional high performance/ protective workwear: Food industry & services, Military,  etc.

Sono-Coating future Applications

  • Fire Resistance
  • Water Repellency/ Absorbency
  • UV Protection
  • Crease Resistance
  • Stain Resistance
  • Electric Resistance

Betalin seeks partners and investors in India