fuel choicesand smart mobility

The time is ripe for a revolution in transportation, for a world free of oil, populated by clean, accessible and efficient means of transportation.

We invite you to join us at the fifth annual Fuel Choices and Smart Mobility Summit 2017 to explore and exhibit innovation in alternative fuels and smart mobility and bring our common goals to fruition.

Hosted by Israel’s Prime Minister, we will meet on 31 October – 1 November in ‘Habima’ National Theater in Tel Aviv, Israel, for a dialogue about the world’s most forward-thinking approaches to transportation, cutting edge technologies and future business models, and to promote Israel’s ambitious goal of reducing 60% of the country’s oil consumption by 2025.

The two-day event will feature:

A gathering of the world’s most distinguished decision makers and business leaders in the field of alternative fuels for a series of on-stage interviews, panel discussions, case studies, and brainstorming sessions.

A cutting-edge exhibition of new and upcoming start-ups, as well as car manufacturers and alternative fuels companies at the forefront of implementing innovation in transportation.

An invitation-only Gala dinner hosted by the Prime Minister in which he will award the 2016 Samson Prime Minister’s Prize for a major breakthrough in the field of alternative fuels for transportation.

For more details please contact:

Ms. Saraswati Sharma

Trade Officer


011 30414518