Mosquitos are the deadliest species in the world:

  • One species ,Aedesaegypti, carries diseases such as dengue, Zika, yellow fever, and chikungunya which make hundreds of millions of people sick every year
  • In India alone, the case numbers are staggering: every year almost 5.8 million people are estimated to suffer from dengue
  • Dengue is not the only danger posed byAedesaegypti: the same mosquito has been responsible for recent chikungunya outbreaks in the country, and it is also the primary carrier of the Zikavirus
  • According to the WHO, the best way to prevent the spread of these diseases is to control the mosquito that transmits them

Mosteq solution: Maximum effect at minimum cost

  • Mosteq innovative aspect is the automated process of Aedes Aegyptigrowing/manufacturing
  • Rearing, sorting and releasing into the target zone are all being done with robotics, computer vision and biotechnology tools
  • Advanced techniques are leading to almost no human interaction
  • controlled remote release
  • This is a scalable and reusable solution

Efi Binder, CEO of Mosteq visited India in Sep. 2017.

Mosteq is interested in doing Pilot Projects in India. The technology/solution used by Mosteq controls Dengue by releasing sterile Male Mosquitoes.

By releasing sterile males to nature, Mosteq reduce the population generation by generation. The mosquitoes mate with each other and the female even lays her eggs but they never hatch and the population dwindles causing a significant reduction in Air borne disease at the affected area while maintaining the natural ecosystem.

They are developing a solution that will automate the entire process of Aedes Aegypti growing/manufacturing from rearing to releasing into the target zone. This cutting edge technology is making the process more accurate while consuming less resource and can be operated with minimal training to be used by unskilled personnel providing a cost effective solution possible

They are at the R&D stage and are looking for Indian collaborators to run the pilot here.

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