Israeli Companies offer tailor made end- to-end drone delivery solutions based on its proprietary cloud technology, drones for aerial photography and video with complete mapping and modeling systems, cloud based AI solutions that enables organizations to operate autonomous drone fleets for the acquisition, management and processing of field data in a variety of industries such as civil engineering, construction and utilities.

Drones are developed for aerial photography and video with complete mapping and modeling systems. Gathered data can be delivered as 2D or 3D images as well as models enabling, for example, increased crop yield through information like NDVI (normalized difference vegetation index).

The Israeli Industries provide infrared imaging systems as well as vision and surveillance solutions. Using thermal and active-imaging technologies, creates high-performance, versatile visualization hardware and software products for a variety of markets.  The products included are Sii OP, an open-source, compact dual-sensor system optimal for 24/7 surveillance; Therm-App, an Android thermal camera; EyeCGas, a gas-leak detection camera certified for hazardous locations; NDTherm, an active thermography technology for nondestructive identification of defects; and EVS-II, a thermal landing-assist camera certified for commercial airplanes.

Eye Q-Thermal Imaging redefined


India may benefit from the experience and technology, Israel and Israeli technologies have to offer in these areas. For further information, relevant contacts are invited to be in touch with the Economic and Trade Department at the Israeli Consulate in Bengaluru.

 For further queries, contact:

Veshala Gajaraj – Trade Officer, Bengaluru – +91-80-49406514