In order to keep the earth greener, the world is now pushing towards alternative energy sources, to create power plants that will use different resources. One such source is the Wave and Tidal Energy, which are variable in nature.

Tidal energy is produced through the use of tidal energy generators. These large underwater turbines are placed in areas with high tidal movements, and are designed to capture the kinetic motion of the ebbing and surging of ocean tides in order to produce electricity. Tidal power has great potential for future power and electricity generation because of the massive size of the oceans.

Eco Wave Power has developed proprietary technology for extracting energy from waves and converting it into electricity. The technology allows for the delivery of effective, sustainable, practical, and affordable wave-energy solutions, which are responsive to the needs of local communities, cities, and countries.

The system is being developed to produce electricity at a cost lower than traditional or renewable energy generation methods. Eco Wave Power is the sole inventor, owner, and developer of the EWP wave energy device. The company also designs, manufactures, and operates the EWP wave energy converters.

India may benefit from the experience and technology, Israel and Israeli technologies have to offer in these areas. For further information, relevant contacts are invited to be in touch with the Economic and Trade Department at the Israeli Consulate in Bengaluru.


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