Water contamination is a serious worldwide concern. Particularly in India, it is becoming an increasingly dangerous issue. Chemical waste and trash have already forced the government into extensive cleanups and legislating more stringent laws. But despite these efforts pollution continues unabated in many areas; Almost all the rivers which have been the primary source of drinking water for major cities in India are heavily polluted and still quenching the thirst of Indian cities with very limited or no treatment in some cases.

Residents and visitors to India are advised to use tap water for hygiene purposes only, and to either boil water or buy bottled water for drinking. We have the biggest household water purifier market here in India. This can be a considerable expense and extreme inconvenience. It also means that Indian households are constantly looking for a way to ensure that their tap water is fit for domestic use.

Blue I Water Technologies, an Israel-based provider of water analyzers, is trying to supply the solution. The company’s devices, which are meant for both residential and industrial use, can identify, quantify and analyze the chemical components of water. They measure parameters such as Chlorine, pH, conductivity, etc. This allows users to adjust and clean water for varying purposes, including, and most importantly in India’s case, ensuring safe drinking water.

Starting at the top (of the building)

Blue I is currently promoting their new water analyzing device, Prizma, in Indian cities in which many residential buildings supply water to homes via rooftop water tanks. These tanks further contaminate municipal waters because they can develop mold or bacteria, or even become infected with bird droppings or dead fowl. Though they are usually emptied, inspected and cleaned about once every year, this is not enough to ensure the water’s cleanliness or chlorine levels.

Blue I’s device uses electro-optic test strip technology to monitor the water’s chemical levels. The system automatically tests the water in the residential tank at regular intervals (usually once a day) and assures there is an ideal chemical balance. Alerts of inadequate disinfection are sent to those in charge via real time, online reports allowing for prompt responses.

Importantly, maintenance of this technology only requires switching the test strip cartridge and does not involve training or technical know-how. This will allow easier keep-up and management.

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