The Congress on Controversies in Bovine Health, Industry & Economics (BovineC) is a unique get-together meeting where controversial topics in bovine health, industry and economics will be discussed between veterinaries, scientists, advisors and farmers from 25th – 27th February 2018 at Dan Panorama Hotel, Tel Aviv.

Israeli companies are known for their ground-breaking technological innovations in the fields of dairy farms, software for running milking installations etc.Israel has a relative advantage regarding increasing yields in the dairy chain, mainly in the first stages of production: Feed, farm management, animal health, genetics and environment.

An opportunity to learn about the unique advantages of the Israeli dairy industry:

  • Protection of the environment and of the welfare of the animals;
  • An industry based on hi-tech and advanced technologies;
  • High product quality, coupled with extensive control and supervision mechanisms.


Participants from different professional groups will come together to deliberate burning issues in their specific fields and to offer multidisciplinary approaches to reaching consensus.

The program will include scientific and technical presentations focusing on applied research, which can readily be used in the field soon after the discussion, thus putting science into practice.

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For more information on Israeli Dairy companies and/or the Israeli Dairy Sector, please contact

Pearlini Wathore; Trade Officer, Mumbai