CyberBit exhibiting at CyberTech 2018, Tel Aviv

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Cyberbit provides a portfolio of cybersecurity solutions for managing the entire detection and response lifecycle across IT and OT networks, and for training cyber security professionals. Cyberbit’s portfolio includes AI-based endpoint detection and response (EDR), ICS/SCADA security, incident response automation and orchestration, and a cyber range simulation platform for training incident response teams. Cyberbit’s products were proven in highly targeted and sensitive organizations around the world.

Cyberbit’s products are:


Cyberbit EDR is an advanced machine learning platform, for detecting and responding to evasive, targeted, “zero day” threats and ransomware that often evade conventional security systems, by analyzing terabytes of data to identify traces of attack. It provides comprehensive tools enabling analysts to perform forensics, investigations and hunting to determine root cause in minutes. It is entirely AI-based, offering a self-sufficient platform which does not rely on signatures, IoCs or connectivity to detect and respond effectively.

SCADAShield is an OT network monitoring solution for critical infrastructure networks. It detects and alerts on continuity risks, misconfigurations and threats, by using deep packet inspection (DPI).

  • SOC 3D – SOC Automation, Orchestration and Investigation

SOC 3D is a command and control center for automating and orchestrating the security operations center (SOC). It automates manual work, centralizes all SOC processes and tools, and reduces skill level requirements. SOC 3D is powered by big-data, aggregating all SOC data to enable advanced and dynamic investigations and visibility into all security data for rapid root-cause analysis and response.

Cyberbit Range is a hyper-realistic simulation platform enabling organizations, security service providers and academic institutions to set up and manage their own cyber security training centers. The platform enables the organization’s cyber security professionals to participate in hands-on training in a real-world environment. The Range also serves as a testbed for assessing security tools and architecture in a safe and controlled environment.

As the world’s leading training platform, Cyberbit Range enables both cyber security staff and company executives to practice real-world incident management scenarios and significantly improve their performance when an actual security incident takes place. The Range accelerates qualification, reduces certification time, and keep security team members skills up-to-date.

Cyberbit will be showcasing its solutions at the Cybertech 2018 event, in January at Tel Aviv, Israel. The event will take place on January 29 –  31 at Pavilion 2, Tel Aviv convention center, 101 Rokach Blvd, Tel Aviv. Cybertech is considered as the most significant conference and exhibition of cyber technologies outside of the United States. The conference’s main focuses are networking, strengthening alliances and forming new connections. Cybertech also provides an incredible platform for Business to Business interaction.

In case you are visiting Cybertech 2018, do visit the booth of Cyberbit to know more about their solutions and business opportunities.

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