densys3D ( is a pioneer in the development of intraoral dental systems. densys3D’s innovative scanning solution (Mia3D Intraoral Scanner) utilizes advanced dental imaging technology that allows dentists to scan and digitally acquire a highly accurate 3D impression of teeth without using putty-like materials. The Companies’ technology is differentiated by quick scan time, fast processing, high accuracy, ergonomic design and affordable price to the common dentist.


The company has designed a 3D Intraoral Scanner that is affordable to the average dentist while maintaining the important features to receive top quality results.


They have a new project for prevention and removal of dental calculus and gum periodontal disease in which they are looking for seed money.


densys3D  is seeking to expand their operation to the Asian market by establishing them primarily in India as a base for Asian expansion. They are seeking distribution partners and/or strategic partnerships with companies distributing complimentary products.


For more information please contact:

Tejinder Singh