Equatel Health offers the worlds most advanced telemedicine Kiosk and EHR platform running on any 3G, 4G, Wi-Fi and Satellite network, which includes:

1) Public access health kiosks.

2) A range of premium e-Health services, such as, e-consultations and on-site diagnostics with FDA certified integrated medical peripherals.

3) Complete EHR management platform that centralizes and organizes all patient data (health records, prescriptions, etc.…), advanced healthcare analytics, and a fully integrated mobile money platform.

Technology & Products

  • Equatel E-Health dedicated Kiosk: A public access with HD camera, Windows-based device that can be used anywhere. Users can connect to all forms of communication –cellular, satellite and fiber-optic. Robust and anti-vandal. Equatel health kiosk enable to connect to a printer and a scanner.
  • Equatel medical peripherals: All Equatel Health peripherals are Bluetooth or USB connected and have FDA or CE certification. Currently Equatel Health offer the following sensors, temperature, blood pression, Pulse oximetry, Perfusion index, heart rate, Digital stethoscope, 12 leads EKG, blood test with diabetes, cholesterol, Hemoglobin and IVD blood test Malaria and IHV, remote ultrasound for pregnant women, remote cervical cancer test for women, otoscope and derma- scope, and hearing remote test.
  • Equatel EHR: Complete and professional EHR cloud based with prescription feature. Doctors access Equatel EHR with their laptop (Web access) and patients on Equatel Kiosk or from any computer with their patient web access. Equatel EHR allows to connect to any mobile money platform.

Suitable for:

Equatel Health solution is suitable and tailored made for rural communities, NGO’S, urban hospitals that face over capacity, the Companies that have hundreds or thousands of employee on site and Health insurance providers that wants to target new customers and allow remote consultation to their existing and new customers as part of their services.

For more information please contact:

Tejinder Singh