When it comes to cosmetics, Israelis are just as enamored of their skincare and beauty regimes as are most other Western nationalities. Perhaps even more so; after all, this is a country where the sun shines for much of the year, wreaking havoc on skin, whether it’s on your face or your feet.

In recent years, an increasing number of consumers have started to follow bloggers who often recommend goods for consumers to purchase, including skin care, deodorants and hair care products.

Private label has been growing as there has been notable demand for low cost products including deodorants, oral care and baby and child-specific products.  More premium categories are also witnessing the emergence of cheaper products.

In recent years, a number of low-cost beauty retailers have entered Israel, such as Essence and Flormar. Good Pharm are also established in Israel offering all products in its pharmacies for less which trend has strong impact on the market as consumers are increasingly seeking value-for-money offerings. S Schestowitz is the leader of the Israeli beauty and personal care market. This is attributed to the Company’s strongly growing presence in the marketplace and its ability to recognize up-and-coming trends. The other companies in this sector are HL, Emilia, Spa Cosmetics, Alon Shechter. Gigi Cosmetic Laboratories, Anna Lotan Bio-Cosmetic Laboratories etc.

Indian Beauty and Personal Care market may utilize these products which is made from the Dead Sea which is rich in minerals and healthy for all skin textures.

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