Man and woman working in an open-pit

Israel is largely an arid nation – over 60 percent of the country is desert – so naturally, the country has long been confronted with many of the water issues facing many other nations today. Israel’s first Prime Minister, David Ben Gurion, made it a top priority to “make the desert bloom” by applying cutting-edge irrigation technologies to Israel’s arid landscapes. Indeed, since its founding 70 years ago, Israel has prioritized the development of efficient technological solutions for cultivating and managing this vital resource.

Many of these advanced water-related technologies have specific applications to the mining industry, which requires unique types of water management specific to the sector. Several of Israel’s leading technologies in the field are being exhibited at Expomin 2018. Held in Santiago, Chile, from April 23 to 27, the annual conference provides a venue for 70,000 attendees to hear from an estimated 1,300 exhibitors across 35 countries at the forefront of innovative mining technologies.

Focusing on the intersection of resource management and technological ingenuity, Expomin is a natural forum for showcasing Israeli leadership in water technology. Fifteen Israeli companies will be exhibiting, including the following:

  • Blue I Technologies, a private Tel Aviv-based company founded in 2003, provides state-of-the-art water analytics solutions using electro-optic IP technology and unique control algorithms.
  • Founded in 2017 following the merger of leading water treatment solutions providers Emefcy and RWL Water, Fluence provides full-spectrum water treatment services in 70 countries –

from early-stage evaluation to design and delivery to ongoing support and asset optimization.

  • Headquartered in Israel and Ghana, P2W provides system installations accompanied by a full O&M track record in the areas of mining, PCB, batteries, plating, underground water and municipal water management. Founded in 2005, the company treats more than 14 million liters per day worldwide.
  • Water Fund Investment’s Tox Sorb offers a platform for removing heavy metals and other contaminants from wastewater and drinking water. Founded in 2007, Tox Sorb customizes each solution based on the unique water chemistry and effluent demands of specific clients.

Amid ongoing water crises around the world and the persistent need to optimize processes from irrigation to desalination to detoxification, Israel is recognized as a global leader in providing scientifically rigorous, efficient, cost-effective and sustainable water technology solutions, positioning the sector for continued growth.

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