Jaundice is very common in newborn babies. Babies become jaundiced when they have too much bilirubin in their blood. Bilirubin is a normal pigment made when red blood cells break down in the body. In some situations, however, there is so much bilirubin in a baby’s blood that it can be harmful. If the level of bilirubin becomes very high, it may affect some of the baby’s brain cells. In rare cases, a baby may develop seizures (convulsions). The effects of this kind of jaundice may also lead to deafness, cerebral palsy and/or mental retardation. Fortunately, it can usually be prevented.

Mennen Medical Ltd. Israel is a leader in patient monitoring, diagnostic instrumentation and clinical information systems for hospital based cardiac catheterization, electro-physiology and critical care applications, with over 50 years as a vital signs monitoring technologies developer and manufacturer. Mennen Medical Ltd. product viz. Bilicare – is a Non-invasive Transcutaneous Bilirubin Meter which accurately and conveniently measures and monitors the level of bilirubin to assess the risk of neonatal hyper-bilirubinemia.  Perfect for use in the NICU, newborn nursery, mother’s room or pediatrician’s office.


India may benefit from the experience and technology, Israel and Israeli technologies have to offer in this area specially to avoid present practice of using invasive methods.  For further information, relevant contacts are invited to be in touch with the Economic and Trade Department at the Israeli Consulate in Bengaluru.

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