Cervical cancer is the second most common cancer in India in women accounting for 22.86% of all cancer cases in women. Rural women are at higher risk of developing cervical cancer as compared to their urban counterparts.

Breast cancer is the most common cancer in women in India and accounts for 27% of all cancers in women. The survival chance of a person becomes better if the cancer is diagnosed & treated at earlier stages. It is important to avail of cancer screening.

Israeli Company, viz MobileODT has created a new generation of smart, intuitive, and affordable medical device that have the power to drive specialist-level care into the primary care setting which is built to integrate viz -Input patient information, execute visualization, image capture and annotation, record colposcopic impression, automated clinic note formatting, EMR integration and secured central data storage, cloud connected for remote collaboration with experts and FDA approved.

Indian women will benefit from this invention of MobileODT in early detection of Cervical and Breast cancer. Leading Oncology Hospitals, Gynaecologists and others interested parties, are invited to connect with us.

For further information contact Economic and Trade Department at the Israeli Consulate in Bengaluru.

Veshala Gajaraj – Trade Officer, Bengaluru – +91-80-49406514