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Demographically and economically, India’s automotive industry is well-positioned for growth, servicing both domestic demand and, increasingly, export opportunities.  There is a burgeoning market for private vehicles. Rising prosperity, easier access to finance and increasing affordability is seeing   four-wheelers gaining volumes, although two wheelers remains the primary choice for majority of purchasers,  mainly in rural areas, for youth and women. Manufacturers are already planning. Early campaigning of technological and distribution alliances have yielded generally positive results, enabling domestic OEMs to access global technology and experience. Transportation trends – the gradual move towards greener, gas-based public transport vehicles, and a greater requirement for urban mass mobility schemes to service rapidly-expanding cities. India’s automobile market has grown steadily over the last seven to eight years.

Israel has become a major player in the car manufacturing industry. Acquisition in March of autonomous driving, computer vision, company Mobileye by Intel raised awareness of the country’s strides in the field of automotive high-tech. The car industry is looking for innovation, with self- or assisted driving vehicles. At the center are technologies such as sensors, software, cyber and the like and these are areas in which Israel has already excelled. Israel has a head start in many of these areas. Computer vision, machine learning, cybersecurity and semiconductors are some of the areas in which Israel is now competing in the autonomous driving race.  Some of the technologies:

Arbe Robotics:: Building radar systems for autonomous drones that help them to avoid objects up to one kilometer away.

Argus Cybersecurity:: world’s largest independent automotive security company.

Nexar:: best known for its collision prevention app which turns the phone into both an incident warning device and a node in V2V network.  Etc.etc.

Israeli companies excel in providing cutting edge technologies and enhance R&D services for business opportunities either for joint-venture, distributors for their products/technology.  Companies in India can benefit from the advanced Israel technology.

Relevant companies, interested to learn more on potential collaboration are invited to contact the Economic and Trade Department at the Israeli Consulate General in Bengaluru.

For further queries, contact:

Ms. Veshala Gajaraj, Trade Officer in Bengaluru.

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