Agriculture plays a vital role in world’s economy.  In India, over 58 percent of the rural households depend on agriculture as their principal means of livelihood.  With conducive government initiatives, the agriculture sector is increasingly looking at ways to leverage technology for better crop yield. Many technology companies and startups have emerged in the past few years with targeted agri-based solutions that benefit the farmers.

Companies are leveraging sensors and various IoT-based technologies to monitor crop and soil health.

Various   AI and machine learning tools are being used to predict the optimal time to sow seeds, get alerts on risks from pest attacks, and more.  Companies are using real-time data analytics on data-streams coming from multiple sources to build an efficient and smart supply chain.

Precision agriculture is transforming farmers and their fields, making both ‘smarter.’ The industry is pivoting towards completely autonomous solutions.  It is trending toward complete automated solutions for farm efficiency, increased yield and less waste.  Precision agriculture has two phases: collecting data and analyzing it for practical purposes. The first phase is accomplished with technologies such as sensors and satellite images.

There are many startups and companies in Israel who have various technologies in precision agriculture to name a few:

Taranis :: Agriculture intelligence platform which help monitor weather forecast, field scouting, scientific disease prediction models, high definition aerial imagery etc.

Rivulis Irrigation :: provides leading drip and micro irrigation solutions to growers to optimize operations and output.

Evogene :: plant genomics company utilizing proprietary integrated technology infrastructure to enhance seeds underlying crop productivity.

Israeli companies excel in providing cutting edge technologies and enhance R&D services for business opportunities either for joint venture and in look out for distributors for their technology.  Companies in India can benefit from the advanced Israel technology.

Relevant companies, interested to learn more on potential collaboration are invited to contact the Economic and Trade Department at the Israeli Consulate General in Bengaluru.

For further queries, contact:

Ms. Veshala Gajaraj, Trade Officer in Bengaluru. Ph:+91-80-49406517.