MobileODT was founded by a social entrepreneur and a bio optics PHD in one mission, to help save as many lives as quickly as possible. This mission resulted in finding a solution to one of the leading cause of death amongst women Cervical Cancer with a unique platform called the EVA System: Enhanced Visualization Assessment System.

The EVA System is a one of a kind mobile, connected colposcope that not only performs a colposcopy exam, but also allows to perform it in different locations easily, integrate all patient information, exam and decision recording wirelessly to any EMR/EHR; this results in a huge increase in accessibility and time savings to cervical cancer screening programs, allowing them to screen many more women in remote or populated locations.

The EVA System also enables training and mentoring of nurses and physicians quickly and seamlessly through the EVA  secure collaborate feature, real time exam streaming for expert advice, on top of quality assurance and analytic tools that allow to evaluate the effectiveness of a screening program in every given time from any location in the world, allowing higher screening efficacy. better patient follow up and increase patient engagement.

MobileODT is operating in over 26 countries and have offices in Tel-Aviv, Chennai, London, New York and San Francisco, helping expand access to healthcare, making sure that every woman, everywhere is screened for Cervical Cancer.


Category: Medical Device
Sub-category:  Diagnostics & Monitoring, Telemedicine

Therapeutic Area(s): Women’s Health
Company Status: Initial Revenue
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The company officials visited New Delhi and Jaipur end of July as part of the Medical Delegation coming from Israel to India.

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