Israeli-based company develops a new technology for rehabilitation following stroke and other neurological impairments as well as orthopedic injuries. The device, Intuitive Neuro-Motion Learning™, design to offer a viable cost-effective solution for post stroke “Home Users” patients, and patients suffering from other Neurological/orthopedic Disorders.

Stroke victims in the United States total approximately 33 million with 780,000 new victims every year, 80% of these patients require rehabilitation. Stroke patients represent the #1 cause for long term rehabilitation needs in the U.S.

Unmet Need Following a stroke, 85% of patients experience upper limb impairment and over 50% of stroke victims in the acute phase are unable to walk.  Clinical research shows that stroke patients have the potential to recover limb function by performing repetitive, intense functionally based therapy. Such continual repetition therapy is generally performed manually with a therapist at the clinic or Rehab hospital but without alternative solution for home users.

Salute’s technology (patent pending) designed especially for the “Home user patient”, Salute’s product can cover the entire continuum of rehabilitative care, starting in the inpatient hospital unit, progressing to the outpatient clinic and continuing at the patient’s home.

Category: Medical Device

Sub-category: Medical Equipment

Therapeutic Area(s): Rehabilitation, Neurology & Degenerative Disease

Company Status: Initial Revenue
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The company officials visited New Delhi and Jaipur end of July as part of the Medical Delegation coming from Israel to India.

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