Talshir Medical Technologies, founded in 2009, is the global owner and marketer of Revitalvision focuses on neural vision enhancement.

It is the only FDA approved therapy for adult amblyopia, which is the number one cause for unilateral impaired vision until the age of 40, with prevalence of 2%-5% of the world adult population.

The technology is also clinically proven and CE-Marked approved for: (1) improving vision in post cataract and post Lasik patients who needs additional vision improvement following surgery. (2) For improving corrected vision in people suffering from various eye disease, beyond what is currently available by only treating the eyes (3) and for improving uncorrected vision in people with minor refractive error, enabling to see better without glasses.

RevitalVision unique software based technology is scientifically and clinically proven to improve brain visual processing, resulting in long lasting improvement of contrast sensitivity & visual acuity. During the program course the patient is exposed to special visual stimulation on a PC screen which creates a perceptual learning process, enabling the brain to better process blurred images in to sharper ones.


Category: Medical Device, Healthcare IT
Sub-category: Medical Equipment, Telemedicine, Internet-based, Health Info
Therapeutic Area: Ophthalmology
Company Status: Revenue Growth

To learn more about the company please visit their website: www.revitalvision.com

The company officials visited New Delhi and Jaipur end of July as part of the Medical Delegation coming from Israel to India.

In order to meet them or know more about the activity please contact:

Mr. Tejinder Singh, Senior Trade Officer, New Delhi – tejinder.singh@israeltrade.gov.il