Tender No. 423/981/17

For Selecting the Project Designer for the Light Railway Project in the Haifa Metropolitan Area between Haifa and Nazareth

Cross Israel Highway Ltd. (the “Company”), an Israeli governmental company specializing in advanced transportation
infrastructures projects in Israel, entrusted on behalf of the Government of Israel to promote the construction and operation of a Light Railway Project in the Haifa  Metropolitan Area, between Haifa and Nazareth (the “Project”), hereby invites entities to participate in a tender for selecting the Project Designer, all as specified in the tender
documents and in the agreement (the “Project Designer”).
1. The successful participant shall be required to provide the Company with the following services (the “Services”):
1.1. Preliminary and final design for all Light Rail Train works (Infra 1 and Infra 2);
1.2. Detailed design of Infra 1 works;
1.3. Professional services with respect to Infra 1 tenders;
1.4. Design for Infra 2 Tender (PPP tender);
1.5. Additional services, as specified in the tender documents.
2. The Project Designer will provide the services from the signature date of the agreement until the completion of the Services or, if the agreement is terminated in accordance with its terms, the date of the termination of the agreement.
3. A “Participant” shall mean a company that meets the threshold requirements for the Lead Design Firm or an unincorporated, special purpose joint venture that meets the threshold requirements for the Lead Design Firm and for the Local Design Firm, provided that such joint venture complies with and satisfies all of the requirements
specify in the tender documents.
4. In the framework of its proposal, each participant will be required to present the following personnel on its behalf: lead design firm, local design firm, chief designer, deputy chief designer, operations and maintenance expert, systems engineer, rolling stock engineer and track designer.
5. The tender process will be conducted as follows: during the first stage, the Company will review the general information and the threshold requirements forms in order to determine whether such part has been submitted in compliance with the requirements of the tender documents and whether the participant complied with all threshold
requirements and all other requirements of the tender documents. During the second stage, the Company will score the content of the quality proposal according to the criteria detailed in the tender documents. During the third stage, the Proposals will be reviewed, evaluated and graded by the Company, in accordance with the provisions of the tender documents. It is hereby clarified that the Company will commence the opening, review and evaluation of the proposals only after the restrictive conditions will be met, as specified in the tender documents.
6. The participants shall attach to their proposals all the documents and approvals required for the purpose of meeting the threshold requirements as detailed in the tender documents, as well as all other approvals and documents required in accordance with the provisions of the tender documents.
7. The tender documents which including the tender process, the threshold requirements, criteria for selecting the successful participant and details regarding the conference, are available at the Company’s website under the tender’s tab: www.hozeisrael.co.il.
8. Any update or change to the tender documents will be publish at the Company website. participants are therefore required to check the website, particularly near the submission date.
9. Any request for clarifications or interpretations to the tender documents should be addressed in writing only to the following E-mail address: einat@hozeisrael.co.il, by no later than 15.8.2018, 16:00 (Israel time).
10. The Proposals shall be submitted in a closed envelope, in accordance with the provision of the tender documents, by no later than 15.10.2018, 17:00 (Israel time), at the allocated tender box to be placed, at 65 Yigal Alon, Toyota Tower (Tower A), 7th floor, Tel Aviv-Yafo 6744316, Israel.
11. The Company does not undertake to declare any of the participants as the successful participant and reserves the right to terminate or cancel this tender process or any other proceedings which are conducted with respect thereto, at any time, at its sole discretion.
12. The provisions hereof are summary. The full and binding tender documents, which can be viewed at the Company website, include a detailed description of the required Services, the terms for participating in the tender and the terms of engagement with the successful participant. In the event of a discrepancy between this announcement and
the tender documents, the provisions of the tender documents shall prevail.
13. The contact person for this tender is Adv. Einat Golan, by telephone 03-6255888, e-mail: einat@hozeisrael.co.il.

For more information, please contact

Pearlini Wathore, Trade Officer in Mumbai: Pearlini.Wathore@israeltrade.gov.il