Tea requires a moderately hot and humid climate. Climate influences yield, crop distribution and quality. Therefore, before cultivating tea, the suitability of the climate is the first point to be considered. Tea grows best on well-drained fertile acid soil on high lands.

Tea grows well on high land well drained soils having a good depth. The depth of ground water table should be around 90 cm for good growth of tea. Catchment planning is required for improved soil and water management practices in a tea estate and land survey to be carried out to identify all major and minor topographical features.

The distribution of rainfall matters a lot for sustained high yield of tea throughout the season. The excess rainfall in the monsoon months of June-September causes drainage problems. There is less rainfall during November to March thus resulting in soil moisture deficit which affects tea bushes. If the dry spell persists for a longer period, tea plants suffer heavily and adequate rainfall during winter and early spring is crucial for high yield. 

In this regard, technology on water harnessing, precision irrigation and soil management is very essential to monitor tea growth in South India especially The Nilgiris, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka and Kerala regions.

Rain harvesting, an essential system, to be used to reduce loss of top soil, surface run-off and over exploitation of groundwater source and prevents water logging in low lying areas.  Rain harvest filters are an effective measure to be installed for water harnessing.

Israel is equipped with relevant technologies thru constant monitoring of the resources in a Tea Plantation and adequately utilize the same to improvise cultivation.  Israeli companies have solutions that provide site specific irrigation recommendations without the hassle of soil or plant sensors.  Automated systems of   Drip Fertigation  is also having huge influence on productivity. Israeli companies excel in providing cutting edge technologies and enhance R&D services for business opportunities. 

Companies in India can benefit from the advanced Israel technology.  Relevant companies, interested to learn more on potential collaboration are invited to contact the Economic and Trade Department at the Israeli Consulate General to South India, in Bengaluru.

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