With more than 120 manufacturing firms, Israel’s dental device industry has got international recognition to become leaders in dental device industry. According to the World Economic Forum’s Global Competitiveness Report 2016-2017, Israel is the 2nd most innovative country in dental technologies.

Israeli dental companies offer a wide range of solutions which aim to enhance clinical performance, reduce chair time and increase efficiency and ease of treatment for both dentists and the patients. Israeli dental products are considered value products and are highly competitive in global markets.

Asian market which is developing fast is considered to be a potential market for Israeli companies. Israeli dental companies are looking for distributors and/or strategic partnerships in Asian market to enhance their growth and are also looking for OEM’s.

The Economic & Trade Mission of Israel in Mumbai attended the recently concluded World Dental Show in Mumbai on 12th October, organized by the Indian Dental Association. An Israeli company who manufactures dental implants and have their own office in Mumbai had also exhibited in the show.

Economic & Trade Mission of Israel in Mumbai looks forward for more Israeli dental companies to participate in the World Dental Show 2019. Also in mid of 2019, the Trade Mission in Mumbai is planning to organize Israeli dental companies delegation to Mumbai.

The potential delegation will intend to visit dental clinics in India to understand the various technological equipment’s used by Indian dentists. Additionally the potential visitors may also have plans to meet prospective distributors / strategic partners and OEM’s.

For further information contact Economic and Trade Department at the Consulate General of Israel in Mumbai.

Siddhant Gupte; Trade Officer, Mumbai

Email: siddhant.gupte@israeltrade.gov.il