Come and Meet DSIT Solutions at HLS&Cyber 2018

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DSIT develops Fiber Optic Sensing applications for long infrastructure monitoring as well as sonar and acoustic solutions for the naval, homeland security and commercial markets.

DSIT’s LightLine™ is an operational Fiber-Optic sensing solution for both Perimeter Intrusion Detection (PID) and Linear Infrastructure Monitoring (LIM) applications. DSIT’s LightLine™ Fiber-Optic Sensing system provides up to 50 km of continuous surveillance per fiber-optic processing unit based on its advanced DAS (Distributed Acoustic Sensing) technology. No power infrastructure is required along the fiber-optic cable, thus enabling long border and large critical infrastructure real-time monitoring.

Join us and meet them, using the link below:

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Israeli Guests: D10SN1118
International Guests: D10SN1291

For more information please write to –

Mrs. Chandreyee Ghatak, Trade Officer
Embassy of Israel, New Delhi

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