Blockchain technology

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The term ‘Blockchain’ instantly connects one to ‘Cryptocurrency’ and both have generated buzz for all the right and wrong reasons. Cryptocurrency has snatched the spotlight away from all other important applications of blockchain technology. But the implications of this are too significant to brush aside temporarily, while we make sense of it. Today blockchain is in a position similar to where the Internet was decades ago, a fair system to exchange valuable information freely. Although it is a different story that the Internet became something else altogether as it evolved, blockchain technology is exceptionally promising and has wider significance for marketers.

A lot of marketing budget is lost in paying for numbers that are not even authentic. The blockchain will help us eliminate programmed scripts and hired people to increase click count   Blockchain is not only secure but transparent too. It could potentially help users get rid of the ‘trust block’.  Mastering Blockchain technology should be top on every marketer’s agenda today to fully realise the possibilities of every campaign and get maximum bang for buck.

Blockchain Startups In Israel Have Tripled: Why Israel Can Become A Leading Blockchain Nation.Israel is known as the World’s Startup Nation, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that the number of blockchain startups in Israel has tripled since the beginning of this year. There are now more than 200 blockchain startups based in Israel, making the country positioned to become a leading blockchain nation. “Israel has a good chance to strengthen its Startup Nation brand, as well as to become a Blockchain Nation. This growth is happening thanks to effective regulation and close cooperation of many blockchain startups with educational and academic research organizations,”

Israeli companies excel in providing innovative technologies and enhance R&D services. Companies in India can benefit from the advanced Israel technology. Relevant companies, interested to learn more on potential collaboration are invited to contact the Economic and Trade Department at the Israeli Consulate General in Bengaluru.

For further queries, contact: Kavitha Saravanan, Trade Officer, and Bengaluru.

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