Digital health refers to technology-enabled healthcare based on the integration of AI, big data, computer vision, digital media, sensors and smart devices with traditional medicine. Utilizing these technologies, Digital Health enables the provision of remote healthcare, promotes data-driven diagnostics and treatment, increases efficiency and accuracy, and facilitates highly personalized medical care.

Among the main challenges faced by patients in India are accessibility, affordability and quality healthcare services.  The Indian healthcare sector is growing at a rapid pace, in-spite high patient volumes, inadequate availability of doctors and healthcare facilities. This is an opportune time for Indian healthcare companies to embrace innovation and drive businesses with the help of rapidly evolving technologies, given the pace of rapid digitization.

Some of the digital healthcare options:

Electronic Health Records


Big Data

Innovations and disruptions in Healthcare


Government initiatives



MCTS (mother and child tracking system)

Digital Payments

The digital healthcare system is rapidly evolving as an important segment in the Indian healthcare sector. Across the verticals of pharmaceuticals, medical devices and equipment, diagnostics and hospitals, only a small proportion of companies are digitally active. There are lot of untapped potential and plenty of opportunities for future growth.. With concerted efforts from the government as well as the private sector, digital healthcare could go on to redefine healthcare delivery in the country.

Driven by innovations in enabling technologies such as computer vision and smart sensors, as well as a shift in medical care towards patient centricity, the Israeli digital health sector is emerging as a bright spot of the broader healthcare industry. Although digital health is a relatively young field in Israel, it is actually one of Israel’s most rapidly growing industries and one that can have a profound impact on the world.

Israeli companies excel in providing cutting edge technologies in the digital healthcare sector. Israeli start-ups aims to bring health tech to the world’s most remote areas. Interested officials are invited to contact the Economic and Trade Department at the Consulate General of the State of Israel to South India, in Bengaluru, for further queries.


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