MUNIEXPO 2019 – International Municipal Innovation Conference in Israel

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We are happy to inform you about MUNIEXPO 2019 – the annual international Municipal Innovation Conference which will take place at the Tel Aviv Convention Center on February 26-28th, 2019.

The largest Municipal event of the year, led by the Federation of Local Authorities in Israel, serves as fertile ground for innovation, entrepreneurship and business interactions and supplies members of local authorities with practical means of realizing innovative goals within their regions of jurisdiction.

Over 200 mayors from Jewish and Arab towns in Israel will attend the event, alongside representatives from local authorities abroad. One of the highlights in the events will be the international MUNIEXPO exhibition dedicated to urban innovation and smart cities.

In the wake of increasing threats to cities and large population centers worldwide, the main theme of MUNIWORLD Conference this year will be Urban Security. Over recent years, terrorism has increasingly shifted from the battlefield to the cities we live in.

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Ms. Pearlini Wathore, Trade Officer, Israel Trade Mission in Mumbai,

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